Playing with my New Dolly

No adventures for a while because I’ve been doing this.

Shining Tor

This week I finally finished my DIY camera dolly.

For those of you not familiar with the term, in filmmaking a dolly is a moving platform which carries the camera and often the camera operator as well. They can be on wheels but a lot of them work on rails for really smooth camera movement.

Moving the camera can add more dynamism to a scene and increase the production value but, if done well, it can also give you new ways to enhance the story-telling and mood of a film. You can do a lot hand-held, but if you want smooth, gliding camera movement you need to get some extra gear to do the job.

I’ve already done some nice dolly moves in the past using an old wheelchair and the effect is pretty good, but it’s not really ideal for precise moves or use of a follow-focus, etc. So…

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