Manchester Street Photography

Some time ago I tried my hand at street photography in Manchester and was surprisingly pleased with the results. So, this Sunday we ventured out again to have another go.

IMG_4741 - Version 2 IMG_4726 - Version 2

I’m not sure what the official definition of street photography is, but mine is to try and capture something different about a place, especially something about the people. Something that hints at a story.

IMG_4785 - Version 2 IMG_4781 - Version 2

Manchester city centre is great for this kind of project as there’s so much going on and so much to see. I try to find little moments that might make an interesting picture, preferably moments that make you wonder who the people are and what’s going on in their lives.

IMG_4775 - Version 2 IMG_4836 - Version 2

I did photograph the buildings as well but I was looking for unusual images, different to the typical postcard shots you see of the familiar landmarks.

IMG_4745 - Version 2 IMG_4752 - Version 2 IMG_4797 - Version 2 IMG_4810 - Version 2

Shooting people is tricky, as you don’t want to be insensitive. I’ve seen people who are obviously upset and distressed, but I don’t take their picture as I think that would be too intrusive, though I’m sure the pictures would be interesting.

IMG_4859 - Version 2 IMG_4872 - Version 2

You want to capture that fleeting moment, but you don’t want the subject to notice you taking the shot as they then become self-conscious and the moment is lost.

IMG_4870 - Version 2 IMG_4879 - Version 2

I heard some street photographers shoot from the hip, keeping the camera low and aiming instinctively without looking through the viewfinder, but when I tried it the shots were usually of the floor or the sky. Instead, I use a 250mm telephoto lens so I can shoot from a distance.

IMG_4874 - Version 2 IMG_4880 - Version 2

My approach is similar to a sniper, take the shot and then move on. I hope you like them.

IMG_4848 - Version 2 IMG_4858 - Version 2 IMG_4751 - Version 2 IMG_4792 - Version 2


IMG_4748 - Version 2 IMG_4761 - Version 2 IMG_4768 - Version 2 IMG_4788 - Version 2 IMG_4782 - Version 2 IMG_4797 - Version 2 IMG_4837 - Version 2 IMG_4849 - Version 2 IMG_4868 - Version 2 IMG_4888 - Version 2 IMG_4890 - Version 2