Thirlmere and Great How

Even though it is now mid-september the weather still seems to think it’s July – I heard on the news that weather has been this warm at this time of the year for over a hundred years. Grabbing the last, freakish, shout of Summer we headed up the now, rebuilt A591 past Windermere, Ambleside and Grasmere to Thirlmere (reservoir) for a circular walk including a summit of the small, but perfectly built, Great How.

I should say that this stretch of the A591 has only been open for a few months since hurricane Desmond swept part of it away earlier this year, cutting one of the main routes in the Lake District between North and South. The road is now is shiny and new as well as a new bridge and some new drainage, etc. There are still a few diggers around though and we discovered several paths are still closed. Unfortunately we only discovered this after we’d walked them – what with the signs only being at one end and all!

Not much to say about the walk, except that it was short and sweet, very sweet. The valley is gorgeous and the views of Thirlmere from the top of Great How are stunning, especially on a day like this. Thirlmere is actually a reservoir and it’s construction before WW2 caused a strong protest that ultimately didn’t halt the reservoir but did lay the foundations of the National Trust – don’t say you don’t learn anything reading these.

We took a leisurely pace to soak up the scenery, and allow for our shocking lack of fitness, and finished off with a quick pint at the Traveller’s Rest pub before setting off home.




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