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Speke Hall

Today we took a trip out to Liverpool to visit Speke Hall, a beautiful Elizabethan House located right next to Liverpool Airport and the River Mersey.

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Making the most of our National Trust membership, Lady Hughes suggested we try somewhere we’d never been before, so off we went down the M62.

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Like Little Moreton Hall and Wythenshawe Hall near us, Speke Hall is easily identified as Elizabethan with it’s distinctive black and white architecture and wonky engineering. With little knowledge of foundations and the effects of subsidence there’s barely a right angle or straight line in them – still it all adds to their charm.

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The house is not as large as some stately homes but still beautiful and a fascinating glimpse to times gone by – God, I’m starting to sound like a tour guide!

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Great opportunity for some photography, though the rooms were very dark and flash is forbidden as the shock of bright light can be enough to bring down the roof or cause old bed linen to spontaneously combust, so time to embrace the shadows and practise my low-light technique.

IMG_3387 - Version 2 IMG_3378 - Version 2

After touring the hall and gardens we walked down to the Mersey and caught a few shots of the sun streaming down onto Stanlow Oil Refinery and the odd Ryanair Jet taking off, not exactly beautiful, but atmospheric – perhaps?

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Sitting in the cafe enjoying a quick cream tea before we set off home, we enjoyed a spot of people-watching. I always wonder how strange a National Trust cafe like this, would seem to the original owners. What was once a stable-block, now seats young families and gangs of pensioners tucking into coffee, apple juice and pizza. I do sometimes wonder if this is my slow descent into old age enjoying a trip to a stately home. Sitting there, observing the mass ranks of the retired in there pastel shades and elegant knitwear it has occurred to me that my life possibly needs a bit more rock and roll in it – but hey! I’m there for the photography.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Next week, I’m going to take-up knife-fighting – honest.