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Ice Bucket Challenge

Yes, it finally got round to me.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where you pour a bucket of water/ice over your head for charity, came into my life yesterday when my uncle Ed Borking nominated me, as well as my cousin Mark and my son Elliott.

Not being one to walk away from a challenge – actually that’s not true. I always walk away from a challenge if it sounds stupid. I’m quite happy to delete chain letters, refuse drinking games and shrug off those Facebook posts that ask you to re-post to prove you care about some horrendous injustice.

As I’m also getting on a bit now and less impressed by crazes and fashion trends, now I come to think about it, it’s quite unusual for me to actually accept a challenge, but for some strange reason this one has caught my imagination. I think it’s really impressive how social media has been utilised to raise funds for a good cause rather than just swap selfies – is it me or does that sound a bit rude?

So when the challenge came my way, I accepted. I think part of the charm of this process is that you have to be nominated. Someone has to pick you. It’s like joining an elite club, including lot’s of sexy celebrities, which always makes things more interesting – apparently.

Like all the best ideas, it’s simple, and at the time of writing it’s raised $50 million, which is very impressive.

I tried to do my challenge with a bit of style and humour – I hope you like it, oh and I also donated £20, which is the most important part lets remember.

Ice Bucket Challenge1



Mr Thomas’s Chop House

Social adventure this time.  Lady Hughes and myself ventured out into the bright lights of Manchester City Centre with friends Andy and Jacqueline (apologies for the quality of the pictures – taken on my phone).

Chop House 2

Going out for a grown-up night out still seems like a treat to us as we had our children when we were fairly young, and for many years the only restaurants we went to were the ones where they give you crayons on the way in, and a good table was the one near the ball-pit.

Chop House 1

So we went out to a favourite of ours, Mr Thomas’s Chop House on Cross Street.  This Victorian pub/restaurant has a great atmosphere and the food and service are great.  The glazed tile décor is a remnant of the industrial revolution where glazed tiles were used to combat the grime from the factory smoke permeating the brickwork – very clean today though, thankfully.

Chop House 3

Highlights of the food included ham hock terrine with treacle pickled egg (I know, treacle pickled egg! but honestly it was great – in a weird way), black pudding with scallops and the best corned beef hash you’ve ever tasted.  Manchester tart and 20 year old tawny port to finish.

Walking out into a windy, winter night in Manchester, surprised to see the Town Hall lit up  in red to commemorate Chinese New Year, then back to the car and back home for a cup of tea – great night, great company and not a crayon or bouncy castle in sight.

Chop House 4

Chris Hughes